marc alexander (u.k.)
when: 1999 – current
contribution: lead singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer
after: finally closed down alternate records in 2006 before diving into obscurity, now musically active again as dj lime and on occasion, harry lime in far off latvia.


edgars abolins (lv)
when: 2012 – current
contribution: drums
after: current drummer for live gigs with harry lime (yet to record), also plays with the latvian ska/punk band all day long …possibly the nicest guy in rock music.


oskars zarins (lv)
when: 2012 – current
contribution: bass
after: current bass player for live gigs with harry lime (yet to record), also plays with the latvian ska/punk band all day long …known as the ice man.


terry lagarde (u.s.)
when: 2012 – current
contribution: lead guitar
after: special guest guitar player for live gigs with harry lime, often seen shaking his thang in the depths of new orleans …a true gent and a rocker.


previous band members

nikolaj s. sønder (dk)
when: 2000 – 2003
contribution: bass
after: continued to play with louie fontaine until 2007, still active on the blues scene and as a photographer …possibly the grooviest man alive.

cecilia cresso (se)
when: 2000 – 2003
contribution: guitarist
after: went on to play with cherry overdrive and some other groovy (mainly alternative) scandinavian bands …a very cool lady!


ty pinkston (u.s.)
when: 2000 – 2003
contribution: drums, percussion
after: continued for some time with the band spectr before moving back to the states, getting married and working as a bounty hunter …a man with a big heart.


jesper grud (dk)
when: 1999 – 2002
contribution: guitar, plus sang lead vocal on “streamlined pink guitar
after: sadly left just prior to the australian tour, still rocking out with excellent long time surf band el ray …missed but absolutely not forgotten.

thomas platz (dk)
when: 1999 – 2000
contribution: bass, double bass
after: we parted company when harry lime was revamped into a 5 piece. helped start alternate studios …great enthusiasm and a top man!


various contributors

anders kisling (dk)
when: drums on the return of & hey stupid, percussion on 13 bag movie master
contribution: drums & percussion
after: played on with various, cool danish bands before moving into the sound & production field.


michael p.
michael lenander peronard (dk)
when: musician on 13 bag movie master, the return of & hey stupid.
contribution: guitar
after: after collaborating with harry lime on & off for a couple of years, has continued to play music, forming his own band peronard.

rick heart (dk)
when: co-writer and lead guitarist on “pyschobabble“.
contribution: lead guitar
after: still one of the best blues/rock guitarists in denmark and continues to play in various projects.


to be added
• jacob vetter (drums)
• henriette petersen (cello)
• mr. sweetheart (keyboards)
• jens peter bigums (artwork / lyrics)

and finally
…to all those who have contributed but i haven’t found pictures for or failed to add information, my humblest apologies and i truly salute you all, it was a genuine pleasure and you have my undying gratitude!!!