“Rock Star is a down-right dirty groove-based number leading you directly back to Madchester in the early 90s, while Mutant Girl plays a strange arrogant love declaration to a mental freak, against a fascinating and lightly lounge-inspired sound”
“the beautiful, swinging ballad Weathered, a song that merges guitar noise and the caress of wind instruments, in reverse”
“a cornucopia of an album”
Geiger (dk)
“weird and jazzy, melodious and noisy, pompous and spaced out”
“if you really want to know what Harry Lime is about, you may have to show up to experience this theatrical and highly original band for yourself”
Roskilde 2002 (dk)
“slow and tantalizing with its rhythm and beats”
Break The Static (u.s.a.)
“go to your record store and ask for Harry Lime”
Gaffa (dk)