here and now
after years of getting as far away from music and musicians as i could, my mojo has finally returned and although i have only been active as a musician in a very small way, i’ve been lucky enough to get a resident dj spot in one of the best clubs in latvia, inflicting my increasingly varied tastes onto an unsuspecting public. my upcoming gigs can be found …here. listed below, are my various contributions to projects outside harry lime.

some singles (also released on albums) and minor appearances have been left out but this list shows the releases with the more important contributions as either producer, guest artist and even conspirator!

rumspringa – the angels laid him away (album)
role: producer

column – centipede (album)
role: producer

column – the sakura buliding (e.p.)
role: producer & arranger

spectre – the microfilm album (album)
role: producer & spoken parts

el ray – shoot from the hip (album)
role: producer

neon – nightwalk (e.p.)
role: producer

drep – doctor ep (e.p.)
role: producer

mob – …and this was a good day (album)
role: producer

cockroach houdini – bamboo gods and iron men (album)
role: everything