new video for "weathered (redux)"

this video was edited together using clips from various time-lapse videos to compliment the feel and rhythm of the music.

as for the track…

…i was asked by the good folk at bsbta to offer up an alternative version of a harry lime number for one of their indie compilations and i decided to go with the track “weathered” which first appeared on the album “13 bag movie master”. i wanted to work in a different way than usual so gave myself a 2 day limit to record it and used a drum beat found on my old those hammond organ (also used on the track “fuzzy”) and worked the rest of the song around it (hence the fact that the beat doesn’t change at all). i actually think this adds to the hypnotic quality of the song and i guess the bsbta guys liked it enough as they made it the opening track of that months compilation on their “e.p. club special release”.

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