harry lime at manka boutique pop festival 2014

harry lime live terry oscars edgars

so we’ve confirmed our 1st date this summer at the manka boutique pop festival 2014. it’s an alternative-indie festival held in tallinn, estonia. the festival is held over 2 days on July 11th & 12th.

harry lime will hit the stage at 02:00 on the Friday night at von krahl.

here’s the full line-up so far:

Petlja Pristrastija (BY)
PX Band
Sonic Death (RUS)
All Day Long (LV)
Harry Lime (USA, UK, LV)
Sea Of Serenity
Nastja Kreison
Tam I Tut
Flip Point
Neon Noir

manka boutique pop festival on FACEBOOK / OFFICIAL SITE

von krahl on FACEBOOK

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