Bonafide & Mellendig with DJ Lime 12.10.

BONAFIDE (isr – electro/dance)
MELLENDIG (ex-The Wow)
+ DJ Lime

Bonafide is an Electro Live group from Tel-Aviv, Israel. After the band spent two years in the studio, creating their unique signature sound, came the hypnotizing live performance, supported by original sounds & equipment. Bonafide‚Äôs unique originality reflects on today’s current multiple technological and social changes, expressed in the form of four group members – DJ / Vocalist, synth guitar player, drummer & FOH. After experiencing Bonafide live, you too will be sucked in to the madness.

Bonafide received rave reviews for their recent Fontaine Festival 2013 performance and we wanted to gove those that missed them another chance to catch one of the hottest electro club bands around.


Well known latvian band “The Wow” have changed their name to “Mellendig”. Their new homepage is currently being worked on.

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