“13 bag movie master” re-release

13 Bag Movie Master
Genre: Alternative | Indie
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:53:28

13 Bag Movie Master, the second album from Harry Lime, is almost begging to be elected as one of the strangest Danish rock releases. Should we point to the stylish center of the group’s generous sound, it would have to be the noise rock genre, but as 13 Behind the Movie Master demonstrates to be the noise rock genre, this truth only tells half the tale. The title track can almost be described as guitar-based industrial noise, while, the over 12 minute long, Psychobabble offers a personal, trippy place appearing as hysterical post-rock. That the group can really rock out, is demonstrated effectively on the heavy garage-boogie Gravity Explodes and with the beautiful sweeping ballad, Weathered that merges guitar noise and a wind-caress, prove that Harry Lime is also able to create great sound poetry.

Rockstar is a filthy groove-based number that leads one directly back to Madchester in the early 90s, while Mutant Girl plays a bizarre arrogant declaration of love to a mental freak out over a catchy and light lounge-influenced soundtrack . The CD’s absolute highlight is the diabolical cover version of Grant Lee Buffalo classic Fuzzy that cuts right to the song’s dark core in both it’s catchy and unorthodox arrangement involving rhythm box, dramatic guitar patterns and sinister rustling samples.

All this proves that Harry Limes systematic attack on musical stereotypes actually also has its mind open and is just one of the aspects to make 13 Behind the Movie Master an exciting and varied record.

Press Quotes:
“the beautiful, swinging ballad Weathered, a song that merges guitar noise and the caress of wind instruments, in reverse”

“a cornucopia of an album”
Geiger (dk)

Track Listing:
01. 13 Bag Movie Master | 02. Gravity Explodes | 03. Staccato II | 04. Fuzzy | 05. Rock Star | 06. Weathered | 07. Streamlined Pink Guitar | 08. Hand Size | 09. Drive | 10. Mutant Girl | 11. Psychobabble

13 Bag Movie Master | Released October 27th, 2001 on Alternate Records

Band line-up:
Marc Alexander – Vocals/Guitar/Effects | Jesper Grud – Guitar/Backing Vocs | Cecilia Cresso – Guitar/Keyboards | Nikolaj S. Sønder – Bass | Ty Pinkston – Drums

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